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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tim Brown on Creativity and Play

Another TED talk!

Designer, Tim Brown believes that designers [you and me] need to know how to transition in and out of play. He talks about divergent thinking and convergent thinking. In the divergent mode we need to learn to be more playful while in the convergent mode we need to be more serious. being able to move between those modes is really quite important. You can be both serious and, at times, playful.

We need trust to be able to be playful and we also need it to be serious. He also talks about going for quantity, building with your hands, and doing role play.


  1. I have been enjoying this series of TED talks. I will have a look at one more on the topic of creativity and sum up what I have learned so far.

  2. thanks for visiting Imagination Soup - I see we have similar passions about creativity and learning. :)